Tracy, owner and founder of Ecocentric, has been doing hair for over twenty years. About 15 years ago, however, she was forced to quit doing what she loved. Unknown at the time, her sensitivity to the harsh chemicals in nearly all of the hair products she was using on a daily basis was causing her chronic sinus problems, skin rashes and headaches. Immediately upon leaving her career as a hair stylist, her allergies cleared up. Although her life at that point was mostly allergy free, she was not happy in her new career. A few years later, upon learning of ammonia free hair products, she decided to open her own salon. This was her chance to recover the life that truly made her happy. Working diligently to find and implement non-toxic, eco-friendly products and equipment, she began to see her dream become a reality. Finally in April, 2009, Ecocentric opened its doors to the public. It is one of the only “green” salons in Central Florida.

 As owner of Ecocentric, Tracy is here to make sure that everything about your visit is perfect. Your decision to visit her is a choice that she deeply appreciates. Tracy constantly strives to deliver the best services and products available. 

Text or call Tracy directly for an appointment 386-566-8750